Our Programs

Metrix has an impressive history of developing, implementing and maintaining of industry leading, fiercely competitive, all inclusive insurance programs. Contact us to see how you can protect your business’ success by creating an insurance program encompassing risk mitigation, loss trend analysis and control measures, and tailored coverage.

Subway® and Taco Del Mar® Gold Standard Franchising Insurance

As the world’s largest restaurant chain and one of the most recognized brands, Metrix supports Canadian stores nationwide with cost effective, intuitive and hassle free insurance coverage. For over 10 years, Metrix has been the leading Gold Standard Franchise Insurance provider.

Architects, Engineers, and Geoscientists

We are the exclusive appointed broker in British Columbia for XL DesignProfessionals Insurance Company, one of the largest insurers in North America for Architects' and Engineers' Professional Liability.

We are a member of the PLAN (Professional Liability Agents Network), a select group of 50 Brokerages across Canada and the USA. PLAN members provide services to more than 15,000 architectural and engineering firms in North America.

Our office provides our clients:

  • Broad Professional Liability Insurance coverage for both the practice and project specific policies
  • Professional liability contract review
  • Loss Prevention seminars and workshops
  • Claim case studies
  • Webinars

Environmental Consultants

  • Comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Mitigation Expense
  • Emergency Remediation Expense
  • Named Insured Location
  • Transportation
  • Non-Owned Disposal Site
  • Competitive Pricing

Landscape Architects

  • BC Society of Landscape Architects
  • We currently have an exclusive Professional Liability Program with XL Insurance Company Limited
  • Available to all sizes of firms
  • Loss prevention and Education
  • Specialty Claims Handling
  • Competitive Rates and Premiums

Chartered Accountants

  • In partnership with CA Insurance Plans West (previously Western CA Services Association) since 1999
  • We offer Office Contents and Commercial General Liability at favorable negotiated rates for Chartered Accountants in BC, and Alberta
  • Underwritten by Gore Mutual Insurance Company


  • We have been working with lawyers Excess Professional Liability for more than 20 years
  • We have a unique program tailored for Law Firms in BC
  • Excess follow form wording (Law Society of BC)
  • Dishonesty/Fidelity Coverage
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Outside Directorship Liability coverage
  • Foreign Law Society and Non Canadian Law Endorsement
  • Optional Package – Property/Commercial General Liability coverage
  • Easy Application and quotation process
  • Competitive Pricing

Dental Laboratory & Technicians

  • We offer Errors & Omissions Insurance for Registered Dental Technicians in BC exclusively for members of Errors & Omissions Resource Group
  • We also provide Errors & Omissions Insurance and Commercial Insurance packages for Dental Labs

Insurance Brokers

  • Metrix is the appointed broker to the Insurance Brokers Association of BC to provide E&O Insurance to BC Brokers
  • Broad Professional Liability coverage
  • Loss Prevention Seminars
  • Competitive Rates and Premiums
  • Policies underwritten by Westport Insurance Corporation (Swiss Re)

Real Estate Brokers

  • Excess Errors and Omissions program for BC Realtors, over and above the minimum provided by the government license
  • Ongoing program for over 20 years

Insurance Adjusters

  • Errors and Omissions program for Independent Insurance Adjusters in BC, over and above the minimum provided by the government license
  • Ongoing program for over 20 years

Mortgage Brokers

  • Government approved Errors and Omissions program for Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Administrators in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Atlantic Provinces
  • Providing Errors & Omissions insurance to Mortgage Brokers for over 10 years